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Tuesday, July 16th, 2019
New york
New Website Launched
03-02-2009 11:17:36 PM

Launch of our new website

WATEEN Solutions is pleased to announce the launch of it's newly designed website providing detailed information on the main products and critical issues concerning Water, Energy and Environment. Website also provides useful information on how to wisely use our resources without compromising on the quality of life.

Through this website, WATEEN is  committed in educating its customers make environmentally responsible buying decisions, the website beautifully highlighted concerning effect of energy issues and carbon emissions  can be reduce by working on the following areas as Efficient energy use, Energy conservation, Renewable energy use & Renewable energy commercialization.

Separately, website contains a no of conservation tips and incentive for everyone who is simple and not difficult but just requires re-arrangement of priorities and life-style activities. Simple advice is provided to look around you and try to change your habits and lifestyle for the sustainable world.  We strongly believe that this website will help Australian achieve their goals in reduce carbon emissions, increase economic development in the clean energy sector, and avoid the construction of new fossil fuel power plants.

Our current website is aimed to create awareness among all stake holders to jointly work on it and provide practical and affordable solutions for the sustainable world. The economic and environmental need to transition to a low-carbon economy is now at the forefront of world's planning which will also deliver benefits beyond emissions reductions, including a new source of job growth, reduced strain on the electric power system, and more comfortable and well-maintained buildings.

WATEEN's website includes information about developing and promoting  clean sources of energy which don't contribute to greenhouse gases. These include efforts to develop new renewable sources which may substitute our common non-renewable sources as (fossil fuels) coal, oil and gas. Our website provides detailed information on the use of following emerging techniques as  biomass, landfill gas,  biogas, biodiesel, ethanol. Apart from above, company shows it's emphasize to utilize and promote renewable sources as Wind, Geothermal, Tidal/Wave, Hydrogen cell, Solar /PV and Thunder Lightening.

WATEEN's website  also shows its serious concerns on growing environmental issues our globe is facing  as a result of industrial revolutions. A no of environment related issues have been highlighted through our website. Apart from general pollution issues as solid waste, wastewater and combustion gases treatment and management, WATEEN is focusing its attention to other serious global environment issues as global warming, climate change, greenhouse gasses, carbon control,  emission control.

Water is a precious resource for our livings and we should utilize our every effort to make best use of it. So we are not only working to treat available water for human consumption but also developing new and latest techniques to utilize the waste water generated during residential, commercial and industrial applications. This practice will reduce load on our fresh water resources and help us use these resources in a better way.

According to Company officials, the new website will offer substantially more convenience, benefits, services and information, and will be easier to navigate. Coming features of the new website will include e-commerce shopping cart, including online ordering for most of the our standard products and systems with a full checkout system that accepts all major credit cards.

In coming future, with some more update,  WATEEN's Website will also  be used as a networking tool for various groups working on these issues and keep you informed of the latest updates on issues and activities from Australia/ world for Water, Energy and Environment.

The website has been developed by Shehzadonline who specializes in designing and development of attractive, search engine optimized (SEO) websites for businesses that drive in traffic according to their local target market, helping to increase customer sales. They used their resources to effectively  who has created the graphic design and information flow, fully functional navigation tools, excellent site search tab (Provide links to relevant pages ).

WATEEN is also looking for your valued advise / feedback/ input on the current website that will help us further improve our website resources.